Learn in 30 minutes

"30 minutes" program consisting of various activities that help a child understand the significance of various objects the child sees in day to day life.

Plant & Animal Life

A program to teach children about the environment and the living beings with whom they share the planet.

Follow The Leader

An innovative way of teaching a child to use a pencil and learn various shapes.

flash Card

A flash card is to mount a drawing, illustration or excellent quality photograph on a card board.

A Great Place To Learn.

Drawing is essential in everyone’s life. To draw is to express oneself. It is difficult to explain what is drawing. It is like teaching someone to ride a bike. One can guide the learner how he has to balance the bike, pedal and focus. The learner has to learn through practice and determination to master the art of biking. He has to learn how to balance, pedal and focus.

The first step of learning to write letters and numbers is to learn how to hold the pencil firmly. The child has to practice the art of using the pencil correctly. Scribbling and simple drawing are the preliminary exercises for the child to master the art of writing. To hold a pencil and write, the child needs to have visual and finger muscle co-ordination .The child has to know the concept of position, shape, size and movement. The pencil has to move vertical, horizontal, slant, curve, etc.

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Broken Springs

Broken garage door springs? Here’s why. Broken garage door springs are a common problem, that’s for sure. But often, homeowners cannot pinpoint where exactly they went wrong. With broken torsion springs, your garage door won’t function as it is supposed to and this can be really inconvenient. Repairing broke garage door springs calls for professional expertise. It would, however, be great to know what went wrong. This will help you avoid the same in future. Broken garage door springs can be as a result of a number of things. Here are the most common ones. Wear and tear This is by far the most common reason for broken torsion springs. The garage door is one of the most used devices in your home. Constant use is bound to take a...

garage door tips.edited.doc

Garage Door Safety Tips Your home garage is basically a moving wall, and if anyone has access to your garage, they could so easily gain access to your home. It is for this reason, therefore, that garage door safety is crucial. These tips will help keep, not only the items in your garage safe but also your entire house. Always lock the garage doors I know this sounds like such an obvious thing, but you will be surprised by the number of people who ‘trust’ their neighbors. This should not be the case. Whether you are spending some time with your family inside the house, or you have gone for a run to the grocery store, ensure you lock your garage doors. Cover up the garage door windows If your...

Developmental Benefits of Arts and Crafts

Kids are very much interested in arts and crafts. It is something which improves their imagination and thinking abilities. Motor skills and problem-solving capacities increase, and the children start to relate what they learn. Children tend to do a messy work in the beginning, but you have to encourage them and teach them how to do it properly. The following are some of the developmental benefits of Arts and Crafts. Motor Coordination: When your kids draw shapes, patterns or write something, the motor coordination develops. Children usually use both their hands when they work on arts and crafts. They will have to move their hands in a particular manner and by doing this their bilateral coordination and motor skills develop. This bilateral coordination will help them learn other activities such...

Tips for Teaching Kids How to Draw

Drawing is something which every child loves doing. It is a great way to develop their creativity and bring out the image they have in their mind. When your kids draw, they improve their imaginations and start to think creatively. As kids, they might struggle with getting specific shapes and strokes thus we need to teach them how to draw. The following are some of the ways you can teach your kids to draw: Learn to draw: First of all, if you do not know how to draw then you will not be able to show your child how to draw. Thus make sure that you have recollected your old memories of painting and then plan to teach your kids on how to draw. Teach your kids various shapes and...

“Bits of Intelligence” which lead to “Bits of knowledge”.

“Vedin Kids” aims at providing in a structured manner skills of imparting bits of information to children of the age group between 3 to 6. This process develops the child’s brain and makes way to accumulate all the child’s future knowledge.This process develops the child’s brain and makes way to accumulate all the child’s future knowledge.

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